Stewartry Care became an employee owned company in November 2004, which means that everyone who works with Stewartry Care has both the responsibilities and the rewards of being shareholders in their own company. This process was facilitated by the Baxi Partnership Ltd and Stewartry Care are now members of the Employee Ownership Association.


We believe that employee ownership is good for everyone involved in the company. Our employees benefit from:

  • being issued with free shares in Stewartry Care and being able to invest in their own company
  • having the opportunity to stand for election as a Director or Trustee of the company
  • being as informed as they wish to be about Stewartry Care’s performance
  • the reassurance that the company is protected from being sold
  • being empowered as owners of their own company

Our clients benefit from:

  • having a highly motivated team who have responsibility for their company
  • knowing that their care team are empowered, and enjoy the full benefits of owning their own company
  • the reassurance that the company will remain locally owned and run for the benefit of local people